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06 September 2008

From Edinburgh to Frederick!

Verb_sighting_edinburgh_scotland"Here is a photo of me with your book in Henderson's Restaurant in Edinburgh Scotland. I'm sorry there isn't a more Scottish background -- a nice woolly highland cow, heathery hillside or someone playing the pipes! The photo was taken by Rhiannon Connelly of Starry Blue Sky. All the best, Mary"

I think I've mentioned before that I desperately want to have a Scottish accent. I'm thinking I could hang out in Henderson's Restaurant with Mary and Rhiannon for a few years and get me one. Thanks, Mary!

Verb_sighting_frederick_md More than a few inches away on the map, Melissa sends this photo and note:

"Photo evidence of LIAV in the Frederick Maryland, Borders. You have made it to DC's outskirts! (I have not made it to the inskirts recently, though I am sure you're there as well....perhaps a certain Dupont Circle bookshop with a restaurant in back and toast rules must be visited).
I just finished my copy, and will review as soon as I get this pesky work project off my desk (tomorrow).  But for you, a preview: WOW! This afternoon I thought of this as I was walking my dog and contemplating my first book review--not just about joy, not just about responsibility--somehow about taking responsibility for joy (eg, don't sell your red books) and taking joy in responsibility (saving face for others). Anyway, that's the best I've groped toward the balance, the tone you hit.  Great job--and a great gift to all of us. Bravo!"

Wouldn't there be a certain poetic justice to holding a LIAV reading in that certain Dupont Circle bookshop with a restaurant in back and toast rules? Just sayin, now that Melissa has raised the issue.

I loved her insight about joy and responsibility. It has given me much to ponder.

My thanks to Mary in Scotland and Melissa in Maryland. Little handmade gifties will soon be on their way to you for sending these Life is a Verb sightings!


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