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26 March 2009

If today is Day Zero, then tomorrow must be ... Day One!

Zero Let's do something consistently for 37 days just to see if it changes our lives.

Something small. Doable. Actionable. Recognizable.

Every single day for 37 days.

Tomorrow we begin.

What will you do?

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My first thought was that I'd love to do this but I don't have time for even one more thing right now...sick, packing, moving, babysitting my grandson...and then I thought, hey, this is just life and if not now...then when?

So for the next 37 days (and beyond, because why stop a good thing), upon waking in the morning I will state my intention to the Universe that I will see the inate inner light and love that is in all of us, in everyone I meet (especially those who don't appear to be shining!).

I will also state my intention that my own inner light will shine through on everyone I meet and my day will be peace filled, no matter what's going on around me. I'm going to take the time to start each day with these intentions. (I may add to these as I go on!)

Thanks for the inspiration Patti

My goal for the next 37 days? To be somebody's Amy...

After reading your post the other day, I had pretty much made up my mind about what I would do, and your words "I think new things will happen for us. I really do." took hold of my emotions. I need to shed pounds, and I have given up the fight to lose weight before I can even start. I have been procrastinating the walk that I want to take today and say "I'll do it tomorrow", and it keeps going. So, tomorrow, which is day one, 37 days before your half-marathon, (was that planned, Patti?) I will begin my walk to lose and each day I will walk for 37 minutes. Since "Every Day is Day 1", each day is the start of a new 37 days and it is my hope that I will walk 37 minutes each day for the rest of my life. Your post has offered me encouragement and hope as I make this commitment. Thanks, Patti, I am feeling charged and ready as I anticipate the arrival of Day 1.

I will be nice as often as possible (because I know that I am not always nice). And it is always possible. And that should start with me being nice to myself. Forgive myself.

Patti - I'm ready for Day 1. Thanks for the encouragement.

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