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18 August 2006

Be fully Seattle

Fully_humanNow that the comforts of my Nalgene Polycarbonate water bottle, Purell hand cleanser, Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 and Moisturizing Black Raspberry lip gloss have been stripped from my carry-on bags, one of the only joys of travel remaining is meeting amazing people along the way. I've written before about some of those wondrous humans that I've met on planes and in cities far away. Here's one more with an invitation, if you're in the Seattle area.

I've only met Sam Magill once, though I've heard of him for quite some time from my friend, David. And yet, somehow, meeting him once during my last trip to Seattle was enough to tell me that he is a real human, a man who glows from the inside out, someone to eat dinner on a door with, an impish soul of sorts. In fact, you might say that he is fully human, the title of his first book of poetry, just released. "Fully Human" is a collection of poems that depict moments of life illuminating what it means to be human in our times.

It turns out, in one of those Serendipitous Moments of Life, that Sam's first poetry reading will take place in Seattle on an evening when my liquid-less travel will take me to that fine city. If you're in or around Seattle, why not come hear some poetry and say hi? It would be nice to meet you and you'll hear some fine words from a fully human guy. Sam will read at 5:30pm on Sunday, September 10, at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Seattle. I'll be the grey-haired woman near the front carrying a bottle of water, some lip gloss and a tub of Purell, just because I can.

Can you come? I hope so. I'm thinking we should support people who put their work out into the world--let's do.


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Hi Patti, I can't go--I'm in NY--but I did try to refer a pal who's out there to go for me!

How fun! To be told about a poetry reading here in Seattle (by someone who lives far away), to be given by a fellow who is a dear friend of a several friends of mine (and whom I haven't ever met), and the prospect of getting to say hi to you!

3rd Place Books is a great place, by the way, the anchor of a well-loved & vibrant community gathering spot.

Your offer sounds great and I'll try to be there to hear Sam read. Just one little technical detail: Lake Forest Park is its own city zip code 98155 for City Hall. I suspect the residents of that city would appreciate being given their own identity which is no doubt difficult enough to get given its close proximity to Seattle. See you in September.


Wish I could be have a long plane trip coming up. Thinking of the new airplane privations, I was tempted to ask the dermatologist for an Rx for Rosebud (lip) Salve! In the end, too shy.

Brenda - hope your trip goes well - and I hope it's to someplace fun!

Christy - Six degrees of separation at work again! Hope to see you there!

Andy - thanks for the clarification - not being from Seattle, I'm blissfully ignorant of such slight intended to the good people of Lake Forest Park.

Felicity - we'll send poetry vibes to NY for you!

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