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25 October 2006

Do it for 37days

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." -Annie Dillard

Desklamp_1This is for my friend, Mary, and for me. And, perhaps, for you.

What would you do with your 37days? That's the premise behind 37days, after all ... and so, a challenge. To myself as much as to you. I know that several 37days readers have already taken up this challenge in the past--focus on something for just 37days. Trust me, the time will fly by. Like life does.

Alfred Adler has said we should "Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement." What, if you did it consistently for 37days (and perhaps beyond), would create positive vibes, intentional joy, good feng shui, fantastic direction and deep expansiveness in your life? What one thing could you do that would start you on the road, that magical road to wholeness and hope and freedom? Can you do it for just 37days?

Perhaps cleaning out one drawer every day in your house for 37days. Perhaps writing one Haiku every day for 37days. Or eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day for 37days, or writing for 10 minutes each day for 37days, or purging your basement for 15 minutes a day for 37days, or walking for 10 minutes a day for 37days, or doing push-ups every day for 37days, or reading for 10 minutes a day for 37days. Whatever it is, do it. Just for 37days. Just 37. 37.

That's doable. Decide on It, the Thing You Will Do. And then, do it.

Or, perhaps, it is something you will stop doing for 37days. Stop hiding, stop spending, stop smoking, stop making excuses, stop blaming, stop eating Poptarts.

And as my friend Max Bristol wrote on the back of his jacket in high school, a message of great comfort in gym class as he passed me repeatedly on the track while I moaned my way through the mandatory mile run: "a man (and presumably, a woman, I have to add) can do anything as long as he knows there is an end to it."

Three years ago today, the man whose 37 day journey sparked this writing was diagnosed with lung cancer. Boyce died 37 days later. Make use of the next 37 days. It's important.

~*~ 37 Days: Do it Now Challenge ~*~

Your_turnNarrow your focus to one thing. One small thing. Just do it for 37days. Starting today, not next Tuesday, not after you finish off the Honeycrisp apples dipped lovingly in hot caramel sauce, not after that next trip to Albuquerque, not after you finish alphabetizing your canned goods, but Right Now. Go ahead, change your life in 37days. Incrementally.

And while you're at it, answer this question: Why are we so willing to disappoint ourselves by not following through on such an easy commitment? 

What will you do for your 37days?


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I shall decide what I will do for 37 days in the coming hours...

Until then, here is my answer to your question: we are willing to disappoint ourselves by giving up on easy commitments because we have been instilled with very bad habits in our modern society... We are never satisfied. We get to be bored and blasé way too easily. We lose focus too fast. We have lost the sense of what it truly means to be loyal...

My dear dad used to say "hà mal que serve de bem" - which means that, sometimes, something bad happens and it has good repercussions...

I believe that it might apply to what happened three years ago to you.
As it applies to what happened seven months ago to me.

3 years... 7 months... Hmm... 3-7...
No, I am not a numerologist... ;)

But since I am a serial jokester by nature, I will sign out stating that I do know that things sure can be done incremently - indubitably!

I will write every day for 37 days and see how far I can get in my Moleskine.

It's a great framework for self-improvement Patti. Thanks for the inspiration.

Vladimir Horowitz supposedly said, "If I don't practice for a day, I know it. If I don't practice for two days, my wife knows it.
If I don't practice for three days, the world knows it."

Quoted from the following article:

Where does desire emanate?

Damn you, Synchronicity Fairy! I just posted a "hiatus" post on my blog yesterday morning. I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsupported (in my 'real' life) and betrayed and dispirited and discouraged and depressed and weepy and angry and feisty and all of it simultaneously...and like I simply can't face posting to my blog on top of that. I came here this morning because when I enter your 37 Days salon (and it's a beautiful place, in my mind) ;) ...I give myself permission to stop the really listen to your FEEL them. I got SO MUCH from your last 37 Days very much. I'm seeking inspiration today...I've turned to Marianne Williamson...and a memory of Nelson Mandela (from afar)...and then I came here. I really do believe there are no accidents. So to come here this morning and find you putting up your 37 Days challenge once again...I can only think that a message lies there for me, as well as for you and Mary. Must head off to work now...but I will accept your challenge once again in the coming day or so.

Thank you Patti - I think you were part of my inspiration some days ago to pursue my poetry. I have been writing all my life - and recently have been feeling very powerfully that I needed to share and get my work out there. I read your article in Flirt - and we made contact. You sent me a lovely letter to accompany my invitation to chefs in my area to be part of a fundraiser we are doing. We now have 3 chefs confirmed! They loved your article. I started reading your website and was inspired to put my own together for my poetry. I even decided to start a women's poetry circle - and that is now off the ground. I will be reading a poem at church on Sunday about a woman I met in the congregation who was reading out of a Braille Bible - and what touching the page did to me. It was many things working together - but I have been working on poetry daily for - gosh it could be 37 days already, and boy does the time ever fly. My husband noticed a difference in me because I'm pursuing my passion. I am a Poet! And I have rejection letters to prove it - I'm so excited!

On a quieter note - thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so transparent and allowing us to learn to live life more joyfully. Thank you for sharing your pain and your hurt and reminding us how short life can be. You are truly an artist - you find beauty in the pain and share it for the greater good!

Many blessings!


Thanks for another inspirational message. So many things, so little time . . .

Blessings to you for all you do in motivating your readers into action!

I'm finally doing it! Thanks for a much-needed kick in the ass.:)

this sounds great.i'd love to try and do this.
thanks! ^_^

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