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21 April 2007

Poets sing on the Paris Metro

Our National Poetry Month Poemapalooza is also going to Paris today for a gorgeous song sung by a group called Naturally 7. A hat tip to Sue Pelletier for posting this video - made me cry, for some reason. It is akin to the story of violin virtuoso Joshua Bell playing in a D.C. Metro - what do we do when beauty springs up in unexpected places? Please don't let me be the man who never really turns around to look; I need to remember to dance in my car:

See Sue's post for another related video (the end is fantastic) from Japan.


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It made me cry, too...but I suspect I know exactly why. Thanks for sharing it. And, yes, that one man is a god-awful mirror, isn't he? I cringe to think of the moments in my life when I might have been HIM.

FANTASTIC!!! thanks for getting my day started with a smile and a rocking beat! (i would've been the woman who was singing along!)

AHHHHHH! Uh, Uh, Uh,...what a wonderful gift this morning!!!!!!!! UH, UH, AHH, Uh, Uh..Oh.
I can feel it....
thank you for sending this out!!!!

It's didn't make me cry, but did make me want to dance....while smiling a lot.

Awesome!!!!!!!!!! This made me jumping happy.

Visiting from Colleen's...
Great post. Really enjoyed the video.

I've watched and listened at least 3 times. Makes me feel good and like dancin' It's so happenin!

No doubt, I would have been singing along, rocking out, and grinning from ear to ear, I have tears as well, these are the moments that make life special -- people just daring to be themselves, pulling other people up and out of inward thoughts for a moment. Even "that" man, turned and almost smiled once. . .

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