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24 September 2007

A real reunion.

IraqI was at my 30th high school reunion on Saturday night. I'm still processing the lifetime of living I saw on people's faces, the disappointment and pain and joy in those lines around everyone's eyes.

While pondering that reunion experience this morning, I saw this photograph, a soldier returning to her young daughter after being stationed in Iraq.

Now this--this is a real reunion. This is a reunion where aggressive moisturizing plays no part, where posturing or nervousness or trying to impress play no part. No, this is the kind of full-floor reunion we should all have. Real, honest, true emotion.

[Photo from here.]


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Wow, what a photo. Thanks for posting it. I'm so glad they're together again. I don't know them, but I am thrilled.

Great photo of an intense moment in herstory...
thanx for sharing it...


all reunions are valid, even the moisturized reunions that happen with handshakes, hugs and air kisses.

this is worth sharing...

I saw this picture in the newpaper too. No matter what opinion a person has about this war, there's no way this doesn't make one think more deeply about it all. It almost hurts to look at the mother's face.

This is a very touching picture from the heart. How beautiful to know what is in ones heart... be able to express emotions freely and honestly to those who can listen with compassion, forgiveness, and love.

You got that right.

This one got to me b/c the little girl looked to be about Lydia's age, and she is. Googled a bit and found out Gabrielle turned three one week before this photo was taken. Terri, the mom, returned home on 9/11/07 for two weeks of R&R. . . meaning she's probably heading back to Iraq right now for another seven months.

It's a great picture and an accurate sentiment. Well done.

What an amazing photo. It's so raw and honest that I feel like I'm intruding just by looking at it. May God bless them both.

How could anyone look without bursting into tears. There was my cathartic moment for the day. Thanks.

Ren.kat, Yep, me too. Patti-3, Becky-0

Patti--This is the one that brings me to tears without fail:

I can't believe all the hateful comments about this soldier over at the site you've linked to. This photo, this war, and the ways we hurt each other all break my heart. I hope their next reunion will be happier.

It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for posting.

Yep, my eyes started watering, too. Great blog, Patti, as the reunion scenes at the airport at the end of "Love Actually". They make me smile. And that's why I love airports...everyone going somewhere, and everyone has a story.

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