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29 October 2007

Go complaint-free for 37days

37Christine Kane has issued a challenge that I love, love, love: "being complaint-free, criticism-free, whine-free, and gossip-free" for 35 days. For the sake of poetic license, let's make it 37 days. Are you in? Read her post here for all the gory details.


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I'm up for it, Patti!

It is a very good thing that there are no costs associated with falling short, too. Happily, I am leaving the office shortly for the day, and that will help jump-start the challenge. The office environment will be a good test of my determination, but not until tomorrow!

Thanks for offering this to your readership, Patti.

I'm in too Patti! My first thought was that it will be fairly easy for me because I'm not a huge complainer but then I started thinking about all the subtle (and the not so subtle) whining that comes out now and then...always jokingly said so that it doesn't really count of course!! Oh yeah...this will probably be a big eye opener for me.

I am definitely in. What a great challenge.

I'm in.

A truly noble idea.

Alas, I am secure in the knowledge that I would not last more than 5 minutes.

I am hard wired to bitch.

I think it's an Australian thing. Goes with the territory.

But I will participate by cheering and applauding those who do.

Best wishes.

Oh, I hate these kinds of things, but alright, if you say so...

I'm in.


Well, you know I'm in, since I love the challenges you throw in my path. As my Synchronicity Fairy you haven't been wrong yet. ;) I've put out the call on my blog. Thanks. xoxo

You're on. I'm in. Let's choose intentional happiness, starting today.

I'll give it a shot, but I know I'll fall down a few times. But I will pick myself back up and try again!

I've been trying to do this since I first read about the folks who created the bracelet (a church somewhere in the Midwest, I think?). It's HARD! But I'm in, too.

Does this include self-pity? :<

hi there patti - (from somewhere within a few miles of you, i'm guessing) thanks for linking to my challenge! just wanted to let you know that another asheville blogger and i get together on occasion and hang out and have tea. (no masterminding. just a blog connection.) if you'd like to join us at some point, let me know!

your name came up quite a bit at the sobcon blog conference last spring - whenever i told people i was from asheville, they'd say, "Oh, so do you know 37 days?" (after a while, I'd just fib and say "oh yea. we hang out all the time!")

here's to complaint-free -- i'm starting at day one again today after a guy was out in the street with a leaf blower - and i apparently made a "guys with leaf blowers" comment to a friend who reads my blog. oops.

I am in!

I'm in, baby, I'm in!

I'm in. And I'm very afraid... I'm not sure I'll be able write anything under those terms... Catch me in the spring when I get to my 37th day!

I think it's a WONDERFUL idea and I'll post about it on one of my Blogs (Small Reflections or Sacred Ruminations) ... not sure which one yet. Thanks for sharing and for getting such a wonderful "movement" going. I'll also be letting my non-blogging pals know about this one. It reminds me of "Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty" ... an idea I picked up years ago and still incorporate in my life today.

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