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09 November 2007

Calling all artists...

It turns out that art = community = meaning. Artists are invited to create Artist Trading Cards (ATC) to illustrate my upcoming book, 37days. Artists of all kinds - digital artists, graphic designers, quilters, painters, weavers, calligraphers, mosaicists (is that a word?), you name it - are welcomed to participate. Sandy has compiled some nice links about ATCs including a link to a tutorial for making Artist Trading Cards, that you might find of interest if you're new to this art form--and keep in mind that they can also be done by hand and not on the computer, just as long as the art could be photographed and/or scanned in order to be in digital form. The nitty-gritty details are here. Deadline for indicating interest in participating is November 16th; deadline for submission of final ATC is November 29, 2007. I hope you'll consider joining the fun and will tell others around the world about it. Imagine, a whole world of art-makers focused on 37days challenges...!

PLEASE NOTE: I am traveling without consistent access to email or this blog - on Saturday (Nov 17), I will be back in touch with everyone who has emailed about participating - so please don't worry that you haven't heard from me until then. I will send out ATC "assignments" on Monday, November 19th. Until then, I am wandering the streets of Banff in a very warm puffy coat, with an altitude headache, being alarmed by big elk who suddenly appear beside me and appear to be well into mating season, and wanting to move into a small writer's studio at the Banff Centre so as to write the next great American novel. Maybe something about a big whale or a red A or a telltale heart.


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oh wow! Patti--this is "just up my alley" and my medium! I love making artist cards (but lately mine have been tiny "inchies" --like trade cards--- but only 1.5 " x 1.5" in size) so I will whip some trade cards up!! hooray! oh ! I love the notion of some of my art in your book...!~!

Hi, I found you via the creative bloggers site and I like the bright art and the positive energy you have on your space.

Hi, I found you via the creative bloggers site and I like the bright art and the positive energy you have on your space.

I would be very interested in participating. Thank you for considering me.

this is such an inspirational project! After struggling with my health for the past several months, I need something to get me motivated again and back to work. I'm gonna jump in on this one! Nina

A friend sent me a link to this page in email and I'm intrigued. I've posted about it at Sacred Ruminations to spread the word and am thinking about participating because it sounds like fun. What a wonderful idea!

Kate I. told me about this, I would love to be considered. I will spread the word as well....


Patti - if you are still struggling with those altitude headaches, please be sure to drink LOTS of water! We live in the Rocky Mountains, and I had a headache everyday for the first two years we lived here! But when I would remember to drink the water (must be a dehydration thing, I guess) I really felt much better. Still need to remember to do that, even though I have mostly adjusted to the altitude of 7,540 ft. But I still get headaches when I go above 10,000 . . . . so it's worth having to go potty every 15 minutes to get rid of those headaches! Have a wonderful time, and we can't wait to get started on this project! Nina

Patti - just read Burn those Jeans . . . . if no one else has already claimed that one, may I work on that essay topic, please? I love that essay! Life changing, I must say, and I'm not usually so dramatic! :o) Nina

When I was a little girl approx 40 years ago we used to go to Banff for our holidays but in Scotland not Canada. Guess some Scotsman must have named it after his home. Hope it is not too chilly for you. Love your blog

suspect the post would delay any ATC from myself (willing to try though) but I've enjoyed reading your blog and will drop by again soon.

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