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07 November 2007

Carry a talisman

Every_day_is_day_one_2Oh, my. I am constantly reminded how incredible, artistic, engaged, passionate, real, true, and just plain wonderful you all are.

Late last night, a reader of 37days named Donna Miller emailed. "Ever since you've begun your 37 Days without Complaint," she wrote, "the idea of fresh starts has been rattling around in my brain. I was really struck by your column much so that I designed an artist trading card to share with my friends. I thought I'd share it with you, too."

I was so touched by her gesture of generosity and beauty. These kinds of talismans hold such great meaning, whether yellow silicone bracelets to support cancer research or purple ones to remind us to be complaint free or small grapes and tiny soaps that hold a meaning we cannot fathom or a yellowed grocery list from 20 years ago or leaves sent to London or Philip Glass Pocket Shrines, these objects are the touchstones of our lives.

As someone who has for decades collected small pieces of art from around the world to support people like Donna who create beauty in the world, this was particularly meaningful to me, a touchstone I will print on beautiful cream colored card stock, laminate (I love my laminating machine, as my friends Gay and Rosemary can attest. I've been known to travel with it), and carry in my wallet (alongside Philip Glass and my magic scruple from Mr Brilliant, of course).

I asked Donna if I could post it. She said yes, and more: "If anyone wants it, they have my permission to copy it. I think I'm going to print it out on magnetic paper, so I'll have that constant reminder that I so need."

If it will be a helpful talisman for you, a gift from Donna this morning. Let's all look in our wallets every morning or on our bathroom mirror or between the handlebars of our Schwinn bike or wherever we tuck this piece of beauty and remember that every day is day one. Not failure to start over, but a gift.

Thanks for this gift, Donna.


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This talisman is so perfect. This 37 days of complaint-whine-gossip-criticism free is certainly a challenge and it has certainly connected with many people; all the thanks to Ms. Kane and to you for introducing us to her.

I wonder if the very thoughtful and creative Donna (how wonderful is she for doing this!) could html this beautiful and perfect talisman so that we could paste it onto the sidebar of our own blogs so others could be intrigued by the 35/37 days challenge as well.

That's beautiful.

This is wonderful and I must tell you Patti that Donna is not only very creative, she's a gem of a person as well.

I know Donna and her work from a site we both hang out at...Digital Art Quirks and she's a talented and gracious artist. The image on the ATC is perfect with the butterfly wings on the number 1...a great reminder to have sitting on a desk, a fridge or even to pass on to friends.

Patti, you're such an inspiration to us all and I love Rebecca's idea of using it as a blog sidebar image, for those of us who are participating.

Donna is a wonderful person and a gifted artist. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful ATC/Reminder with us.

Rebecca had a great idea, using the artist trading card as a badge for those of us in mid-challenge.

I have done that, and anyone wishing to have a copy of the html which works for Blogger (only new, not the old cranky Blogger pre-template) is welcome to stop by my blog and let me know. I'll email to anyone requesting it.

If all you need is a copy of the image made more badge-like, you can grab that right now from my blog. I just posted it.

Thanks, Donna, for this great gift, making concrete Patti's powerful message on what every day means.

Rebecca - many thanks for your note...and as for your question for Donna, I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'm sure she will!

Jill - it is beautiful, isn't it? I love it...

Kate - what a wonderful testimonial for your friend - many thanks!

Kait - you're welcomed! she was so generous to share it....

Rick - YEE-HAW! I even figured out how to post it on my sidebar - many thanks!!

Many thanks to Donna for this beautiful card and for her generous spirit for sharing it.

Marilyn - It is beautiful, isn't it? I'd love to have a set of 37 of these artists cards to illustrate the book - and be published as a separate set of artists cards, too... perhaps there are artists who read 37days who would be interested to create one to accompany one of the essays...I would love that.

Ask and ye shall receive... ;)

Beautiful talisman. Beautiful post. Beautiful gifts.

Also a great book title..."Every Day Is Day One: 37 Days of Intentional Living" or "Today. Tomorrow. The Next Day: 37 Days"

What a beautiful, apt image! Love the butterfly and calendar background. I just started making ATCs, and was so excited to find one here! lol I'd be happy to do one for an essay for your book. AND I bet at least 36 others would be glad to, as well.

This is terrific! I had not heard of an artist trading card, and will have to go reading about them. Thank you for sharing.


A beatiful reminder! Thanks, Patti, for being the inspiration and Donna for creating it!

This is exactly what I needed! I am so on Day 2 though....

This reminds me of what my friend Edmond, told me and my husband on the day that he married us. Our gift to each other each day will be a fresh start - the opportunity to give each other a new beginning....not to dredge up the old, not to zing each other because of what was done or not done....what is in the past is over, and each day we have a new day to begin anew.

a touching piece- and I think I will copy it to post on my mirror and see every morning.
Thank you!!!

Wow. Your story is profoundly moving - I am putting this lovely reminder on my sidebar, and I will continue to try impressing your message on my students. You are a young person who learned an invaluable lesson, though I'm sorry it was in a grievous way; I'm hoping more than one of my people will get it sooner than later :)

A few years ago I had a bad PAP test result. Although it turned out to be a very simple procedure to remove the funny business area. Thinking about this question, "What if you only had 37 days left to live"...
While I waiting for test results I was really worried and scared that I was really going to get cancer and I really was going to get sick and not be able to do the things I love to do... or worse yet possibly die! My perspective on life changed during the 2 weeks I waited for the results. I realized doing the things I felt were most important being around the people who I loved the most was rally what life is all about...

Have a great hair day! Becci

Love the picture.
Great Blog

God is good all the time!

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