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02 February 2008


I just love this. Love it. Art everywhere.

[seen here first]


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That is too awesome.

Hi Patti,

Found my way here somehow by a degree or two of separation in the blogosphere. I poked around a bit at some of your posts, and I enjoy your viewpoints and your eloquent writing. My name is Pattie, too, and I also reside in North Carolina! Asheville is a lovely place.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing this.

I love it, that was wild!

That's so funny! Love it!


This has me cheering in my seat!!!!!!


Amazing -- thanks for sharing. Came here via Blue Girl -- loved your "aging process" thingy -- the variety of hairstyles and "looks" was fun to see.

That's brilliant! Only one of these I've seen is hundreds of people dancing in Liverpool Station which was wild- But this is such a better idea.

I love the idea of one of the busiest places in NYC- doing something that makes people stop for a moment.

That is too cool! Thank you soo much for sending it to me.

yay! that's so awesome!

That is awesome...makes people have to stop and think for a moment

Wow. That was profound. I love the whole idea of ImprovEverything but this mission really spoke to me. We rush through life, never seeing other people. I just love the way this project made others stop and look around.

I lost your blog for awhile. It's good to have found you again. I believe there is a reason you have resurfaced in my life. I am looking forward to finding out what.

this is great! it made me smile and laugh out loud!

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