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12 February 2008

Separated at birth

PattijamesNo pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination. -James Joyce

After mentioning in an earlier post my sometimes uncanny resemblance to James Joyce, an observant 37days reader, Rick, investigated further: "You know, you are exactly right! There is a definite resemblance between you and James Joyce, Patti. In fact, it is clearly visible in the attached side-by-side comparison."

I've posted what he sent me here. Seems we were separated at birth after all, me and James.

Made me laugh. Big.


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This is too funny. I love it though . It made me laugh on a gray day.

This made me laugh on a gray day.

If I were you, Patti, I'd stick with "long-lost cousins."

Or, you could become renowned the world over for your agelessness, given that you must be 126 years old in order to have been separated at birth from James.

But, who am I to quibble? I have finally reached the pinnacle, having inspired a 37days post. And, the icing on the cake was to know this gave you a laugh, Patti!

lol! o.k. that was good for a giggle! thank you. :-)

What an amazing site. I could stay here all day... I wanted to read it all.. all at once... Then I said.. How will I ever get through... then I said... one day at a time...
fantastic... I love enthusiasm,and you have it.... if only more people could be as observant..., Thank you... I may have to drop in every day... gwen in New Brunswick canada
ps you are doing an amazing thing!

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