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13 March 2008

Dot the "i"

To distract you from the fact that I'm behind in posting another profile of a woman for my Women's History Month project (working on one entitled "Women are animated," in case you're wondering), here's Emma's Big Tuba Dream.

I'll give you one guess as to which instrument dots the "i." You'll have to watch to the end to find out.

Of course.


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My friend Dan played drums in the Ohio State marching band, and watching this always brought a tear to his eye - yay tradition!

Though he did remind me that sometimes, such as in the case of the playoffs, some prestigious alumn, like Jack Nickalus, dots the eye, but huzzah for the tuba!

TBDBITL! TBDBITL! Is Emma seriously considering THE Ohio State University? It would be a distinct pleasure to sit in the stadium and watch her raise her cap to the crowd. And you could come to my husband's tailgate party before the game - well, that is, after you attended Skull Session. And I could tell you more about Columbus, Ohio than you care to know - ha!

I think it's a lovely dream.

I loved watching your Emma and her band. Great job! It brought back very fond memories of my two boys each playing tuba in an award-winning marching band at Union H.S. in Tulsa, OK. They always considered the tuba section to be the elite section of the band. Their memories of numerous hot and early summer mornings spent on the practice field have been long forgotten, though the endless memories of band trips, classic music, excellent staff and leadership, and commaraderie will be everlasting. Thanks for sharing!

That was awesome; they really are the "best damn band in the land!"

yeah-- our very own OSU marching band on 37 days! ohio is very proud of them. is emma really considering going to school here?

When I first went to college it was at Ohio State. As a capable tuba player in my high school band (county band, brass contest ensemble) I was intensely disappointed to find that not only was it an all brass band, but in those days ALL MALE. How I would have loved to dot that I. thanks for sharing that clip.

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