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05 March 2008

Women make music - Joan Armatrading

Joan_armatrading_2 If there is one musician who represents my college years more than any other, singing songs I still remember all the lyrics to, wrapping me up in her voice, it is Joan Armatrading.

That voice, those lyrics, the sound. A deep, deep love for her. I wanted to be her, imagined myself her, singing like that, playing the guitar like that, on stage like that.

She is the first female UK artist to debut at number 1 in the Billboards Blues chart, the first female UK artist to be nominated for a Grammy in blues category, the first black UK artist to debut at #1 on Billboard blues chart, and the first black UK artist to be nominated for a Grammy in blues category. "I write," she says, "because I love it."

In a world of pop stars who are more focused on being famous than on what they have to say, how their words and rhythms will stir, and how they can spark change, here's to Joan and to women musicians who write, play, perform their own music. They have messages for us; we must listen. And, perhaps, sing along.


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Wow, Patti! Joan Armatrading wailin' on an Ovation guitar, and then, on an Ovation 12-string. Her powerful voice and those marvelous guitars responding to her expert touch...heaven.

Don't tell Ophelia but I have always yearned for, pined for, dreamed of having an Ovation 12-string of my very own.

Thanks for bringing Joan to us today!

the line: "i am not in love but i'm open to persuasion" has circled around in my head for years. i think of it every time i meet someone interesting, who might be a future partner in adventure....

I had not heard of this singer but enjoyed listening to her and thanks for sharing her talent with me.I too love Billy Collins.

wow... i have to admit i was not familiar with her music, tho i have heard her name. her work reminds me of one of my favorite musicians, tracy chapman. thanks for sharing this!

"I write," she says, "because I love it." And i love it that she writes, plays and sings so beautifully. Really, all I have to do is think of "Weakness in Me" and instantly her voice fills my head and heart.
She is in a class of her own. Unequaled. Thank you, Paiti, for the reminder.

Wow, memory lane this week. I just had to close my eyes and I was sitting on my mattress on the floor of my makeshift bedroom in the living room of our college apartment on Brighton Avenue in Boston. Joan Armatrading was a favorite of my roommate Missy who introduced her wonderfully rich, deep, melodic voice to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking me on a wonderful trip today.

Hi Patti,

What a series of heartbeats to find Joan Armatrading singing on your blog!!!...beat, beat, beat...more beats, faster, beat, beat, beat...beat...beat...beat...!!!

And then, on WNCW today, a cut from Canadian singer/songwriter-poet Ferron's new release, Boulder.

Looking forward to more surprises in March,

OMG - you took me back, as well. Time to dig out the old vinyl and give it a spin. She IS the culture of love.

Patti, I've never seen this video of Joan singing "Love and Affection." Incredibly intimate & lovely.... takes me back to my college days. I love how Joan Armatrading can write and sing these lovely slow songs, then really rock out on tunes like "When I Get it Right." Thanks for making me smile today (and so many days!).

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