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03 April 2008

Poets teach us that darkness is a gift


It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silences around things. -Stephen Mallarme

This one is for Trudy.

Before you read today's poem, I want you to do something for me. I want you to find a small box in your house or office, something with a lid. Perhaps even something you love--a trinket made by a child or given to you by your grandmother or that you bought in Sri Lanka that time you went to Pita Kotte. Or a shoe box or the little plastic container that strawberries come in. All are equally valid and good and right. I'll wait right here while you find it. I'll even wait while you eat all the strawberries so you can use their box.

Now that you have the box, I want you to write one word on a tiny slip of paper. That word is Trudy.

I want you to fold up that tiny slip of paper and put it in your box with a prayer, a mojo, a lighting of a candle, a dance, a bite from a Twinkie, whatever you do to make wishes come true, do it. Every day for a month at 9:00 a.m. wherever you are, if you don't mind, take out Trudy's name and read it silently to yourself, moving your lips as you read. Then tuck it away again. We're going to will this woman healthy again, yes we are. And we can do it. You know we can.

Thanks to my friend Jodi for introducing me to the concept of a god box. That's what you've just created for Trudy. You can put other generous wishes and dreams and needs in there, too. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Let's have faith in the darkness, in the night.

A poem from one of my very favorite poets, for Trudy:

You Darkness

You darkness from which I come,
I love you more than all the fires
that fence out the world,
for the fire makes a circle
for everyone
so that no one sees you anymore.

But darkness holds it all:
the shape and the flame,
the animal and myself,
how it holds them,
all powers, all sight -

and it is possible: its great strength
is breaking into my body.

I have faith in the night.

-Rainer Maria Rilke


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I will be thinking of Trudi and starting my own god box.

I don't mean to take away from the efforts for Trudy at all, but if anyone has a little extra room in their box (maybe those of you with the shoe boxes?), I am hoping maybe they can add a name.

There is a young man named Sean who is now being carried through each day only by his own strong will and that of his friends and family. He could certainly use some kind thoughts, in addition to those being offered for Trudy.

Well, today you made me cry. I'll be there at 9:00 AM with you, and I've added Sean's name, too. Your generosity shines, shines. The GOD box . . . may it be so.

This is so beautiful. Thank you. I am using my perfect little round wooden box (wait, is that an oxymoron?) and putting Trudy and Sean's names in it. Perhaps I will start another box as I have a few other names. I will also be there at 9:00. Yes, may it be.

Right in the middle of rejoicing over this I learned that my other dearest friend in life, Dalla, has just gotten a cancer diagnosis and started treatment yesterday. She can also use our thoughts and prayers. Can all who are adding to the God box kindly add her name?

As my good friend Mike Pritchard says, "I is illness, We is wellness." Thank you for encouraging the "we." I'm in.

Who is the translator of "You Darkness"?

Thanks to all who have commented, and who have eaten all those strawberries so they could start their own god box. See you at 9 every morning for our important work for Trudy, Sean, Dalla, and many more.

C, great question - I'm almost sure this is a translation by David Whyte.

Dearest patti,
Of course, I will add Trudy and Sean and all others held in the hearts of your readers to my God Bag. Mine was given to me in 1983. The stories it could tell.....

For my birthday last December my daughter gave me a reverse God's Box. It is a lovely jar filled with affirmations printed on bits and pieces of oddly shapped paper. The instructions are simple: I pull out a slip of paper and find a message from God for the day. I am writing the date on the slip and putting it back in the box. I may need the same message at a later time. There have been times when I have asked others to pull a message from the Rerverse Box after they have dropped something in the Bag. There are no is an AWESOME thing to see the universe at work.

I've also put Joan in my box, willing her wellness, as well.

Dear Patti,
I was so happy to have found your blog! I found it because the beautiful poem that you have posted uses the phrase "I Love You More". I have written a book called I Love You More that was the answer to a prayer and though it is a message of love shared between a mother and a child, I several years later heard "GOd's Voice" again and it said that the message is truly an expression of the love between Creator and Child. I think you might enjoy it! But why I loved the poem so much is that I truly believe that it is what would be considered "the darkness" in my life that has led me to the light or better said holds the light and love. I lost my hair when I was 11, was abused, my best friend died in a car accident, etc...but all of that I believe propelled the message of love that I now get to deliver into the world. I am grateful for the darkness and give thanks every day for it! Have a bright and blessed lifetime!
Keep Shining!
Laura Duksta
author, I Love You More

I'm in with you Patti...I have a small little antique Chinese wooden "basket" sitting on my desk and the names Trudy, Sean, Dalla and a few of my own are sitting in it.

At 9:00 am, my blessings of love and healing will be sent out to join with yours and others, for those who need them. Important work indeed.

I truly appreciate your good intentions on behalf of Trudy, but to "will" her back to health seems to be a wrong use of will. Aren't we interfering with her own use of will? Aren't we presuming that her Soul's intention is to be well? We can hold her in the light and pray for the "best outcome" whatever that might be, but we shouldn't interfere in her process. Just my own opinion, of course.

thanks, everyone - your hope and love will buoy her (and them). And Gail, many thanks for the food for thought...

When I read your beautiful and thoughtful entry I began thinking about how we live in a culture that seems to focus on limitation or what is wrong. I also thought about how what we focus on tends to become larger. With many of us sending thoughts of wellness, love and light, we're creating an expansive space for this to grow. Thank you, Patti for sharing this opportunity.

Just put Trudy here...

Powerful and moving. I now have a God Box, built out of popsicle sticks that my son made for me about 8 years ago. Perfect for housing the names of those in need. Judy, Sean and Dalla are among a few of my own.

Yes to Trudy and Sean! I love the idea of a God box . . .HIS will be done.

That is a beautiful poem Patti - and I thank you for placing Angela's name in a God Box last year. While she was told to prepare for her death, instead we shared life and planned for a long future together. She remains free of brain cancer as per her last checkup. Believe in love.

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