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04 April 2008

Poets seek inspiration, just like us

I so love this. We know poets write from some sad, dark places. But sometimes, as a tiny poet named Caspar shows us, poets write from happiness.

With Liv Ullmann's beautiful voice telling me a simple tale, all the way from Denmark. A tale of a Danish poet. Oh, go ahead. You have time for a sweet story, don't you? It will make you think of the chain of events that has led to this moment in your life, no doubt.


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I love it! Thank you - it was a perfect end to a busy day.

I love the intertwinings of chance and intention that made the narrator's birth possible. And, it's good to know that poetry can come from love and joy as well as loss and darkness.

Thanks, Patti!

All the way from Denmark but by way of Canada.

The National Film Board to be exact. An institution that has made some quite simply fabulous animated films -- long and short --that are worthy of watching and reflecting upon.

I took the time and I really loved it.

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