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22 April 2008

Purely hypothetical question

Prom_dress Let's say you're 15, almost 16. Let's say your boyfriend invited you to the Prom and you needed a black dress to match his Montreat green tartan kilt because he's Scottish and plays the bagpipes. Let's say you found the style you wanted, but can't find it in black.

Imagine the despair, the gnashing of teeth, the eating of Oreos. If you have any ideas on finding this dress in black, could you send a sign? A life jacket? A buoy or large rope with which we could pull ourselves out of the murky, dangerous waters of prom dress shopping? A hope? A prayer? A beacon of light?


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Couldn't you dye the pink dress black?

(Hypothetically, of course?)

Hey, Patti, this is not a problem! If I were there, or you were here, I'd sew it for your hypothetical lass, but alas, I am not. Hypothetically speaking, I am out to lunch.

However, you live in an area rich with custom sewists (I refuse to say sewers...!) Call Waechter's Silk Shop and ask for referrals to a seamster. The go there in person and fondle the fabrics. Bliss. Pure Bliss. There are also several Professional Association of Custom Clothiers in the Asheville area. They have a search function that will let you find members in any given area.

You can make this dress dream a reality. About the prince charming thing, though...


Edie beat me to it, but I was also going to suggest you have a talented dressmaker copy it. They can do wonderful things and usually quite reasonably.

Or you could see if your daughter has it in her mind's eye to see how stunning they'd look together in green and that vivid pink...

I've spent a fair bit of time looking at dresses recently, hoping to find a wedding dress that doesn't make me look like a cake or a twenty-year-old. Halter dresses seem to be the big thing this year.

Here's a link to a few in black. All very cute and prom worthy.

Happy shopping.

Black. Not satin, not floor length:

I have a primary red one. Plus, with the wrap around ties that form the waistband, no extra fitting required AND you can wear it again if your body changes. Which mine did again early 20s.

What a pretty dress! I'm with Edie. Find a *sewist* and have one made. I, myself, am not a sewist, but it doesn't look like that difficult a style.

Black, in the same material would be pretty. And nothing says *special* and *memorable* like a prom dress made specifially for you.

Good luck!

How 'bout asking the guy to find the kilt in pink?

Not sure I'm much help with this style, but if she decides a vintage 1980 or 1981 Gunne Sax By Jessica McClintock prom dress would work, I'll overnight one to you! ;-)

I think the kilt will look best next to a pink dress, hypothetically speaking.

Looking at the Montreat tartan, I don't think black is the only "matching" option! Primary Red, teal blue, primary green, gold ochre...all would go beautifully.

Or you perhaps someone could whip the guy up a hot pink satin version of the Montreat tartan...that'd be very cool (and memorable!)

Check out the Alchemy section on I'm sure you could find someone to do it quickly and at a reasonable price!

So tell us, how does the story end? Have you found the right dress yet?! Keep us up to date. I HAVE to know!!! :)

You all are INCREDIBLE! I have followed every link to every beautiful dress. I have offered every suggestion to Emma. We were particularly amused by the image of The Boy in a Pink Kilt.

Ultimately, I have followed the advice of many - and with the help of a high school friend named Edie with whom I've reconnected after 30 years through 37days recently - I've found a *sewist* to literally drop everything and make the black version of the dress! More on that as the Project continues! So many MANY thanks for all the great suggestions!

It's true what they say: "It takes a village to make a prom dress!"

Emma, have a wonderful Prom, but ease up on the oreos, you don't want to look stunningly gorgeous except for the zit on your chin.

Love and hugs

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