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18 April 2008

Share this!


Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight?  -Al Boliska 

As I have mentioned several thousand times before, a technology whiz I am not. I used to be, but missed one day of paying attention (June 5, 1989), and am interminably behind as a result.

Folks have long asked for a good way to email 37days stories to their friends--or post to Twitter, Facebook --or share on Digg or a whole host of other things I have no idea what they are. So imagine my delight at finding Share This!, a way (I think) of easily doing all those things.

Below each post now, you'll see a tiny icon that is flashing with the words "Share This" beside it. It is scrolling through the icons of all the ways in which you can share the post--click on it and you'll find three tabs that will enable you to share the post on the social web (Digg, Technorati, and many more), post it somewhere else (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc), or email it easily to your Aunt Beulah in Pulaski. She's longing to hear from you more often.

I hope this will help those interested in forwarding 37days posts to others. You all have probably known about Share This for years, no doubt. For my sake, pretend like it's brand new and I'm on the cutting edge.


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In spite of hating to be a nudge (I can't help myself), 5 June 1989 was the day that the lone white-shirted, plastic-bag carrying unknown hero faced down the row of Chinese tanks in Tiannamen Square--I can well imagine that you were paying attention to something other than technoid blather on that day.

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