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04 July 2008

Dance, dance, wherever you go

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak. - Hopi saying

A reader named Allan must know me well. "I think you might enjoy this video," he wrote.

Of course, I LOVED it. As I watched it, I wanted to BE Matt. I wanted to dance. I wanted to go to all those places and meet all those people, and dance with them. At the very least, I wanted to dance in my car.

Watch. Enjoy your trip around the world. Dance a little every single day, won't you?


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Patti, that video made me -- quite literally - tear up with joy. Thank you for that.

I had seen bits and pieces of Matt dancing but the video is marvelous. What a great post for the 4th of July-- to see the whole world dancing!

Another friend of mine had this posted on his blog a week or two ago... I watched it so many times and grinning from ear to ear, laughing from the pure joy of all those folks dancing. I, too, wanted to be all those places and dancing dancing dancing!

First came smiles, then laughter, then chills, and finally tears - how can one video evoke so much emotion? Thanks Patti.

I love dancing Matt...I've followed his progress over the years and his 3 dancing videos. Fabulous...simply fabulous.

As I was watchcing this video one of my grandchildren emerged from the spare bedroom and asked me, "Nena, what's this?"
This was my husband's watch.
He died July 24, 2006, and had misplaced his watch a few weeks before he died.
I don't believe in coincidences. I am sure there is a message here about dancing and remembering and remembering to live with joy!

This was just what I needed to see and watch Patti. And I like other comments so far -first just enjoying, smiles, brightness, laughing, wonder, and then tears of joy. Knowing that community can be this sweet, simple, and it was great to see it happen even though fleeting. We want to know it's possible. Mil gracias.

Hi Patti: Not able to dance yet but what a joy it was to watch Matt. Especially loved watching the pure abandon of the children. Why can't we all just dance together, figuratively if not really.

Oh to be Matt!

I dance a little like this every day with my daughter--the music/dance lover. I dance more now than I ever have before. And it's joyous!

Wow, what a wonderful video, thanks for sharing this :)

Wow! This was exhirating! I enjoyed this so much!

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