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31 August 2008

Day 4 :: Live in the World Headquarters of the Verb

World_hq_of_the_verb From Wellington, New Zealand, come these thoughts, an excerpt of a longer essay posted on Marica Sevelj’s blog and sent to me as her answer to the question, “What would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?," a question she has revised to this powerful one:

What would I be doing if I knew today was my last day alive on earth?

I realised I couldn’t answer this question easily because there are too many variables and too many unknowns about that last day or even the days beforehand. However I can imagine how I would like to be feeling on my last day. I have expressed that in the poem below. Above all else I want to be able to say goodbye to my husband, my children and the rest of my family and friends. I need them to know how important they are to me and how much they have enriched my life.

Let's make every day count

Making today count

My last breath is close.
With it my physical presence in this beautiful land,
the land of my heart and soul,
will cease.

I will still be here.
I will live on because of how I lived and what I did.
I have made sure of that.
I have done all I needed to do,
I even surprised myself.

I have:
expressed my love openly,
lived my life honestly,
been there for others,
respected everyone for who they are, as they are,
helped and supported as needed.
I have no regrets.
I have taught what I know
and learnt what I didn’t.
I have shared what I had to give
and received so much more in return.
I have lived in a way that has expressed the essence of me.

I leave you with memories
should I fade in your mind.
My journals.
My writing.
My photos.
My online artifacts.
My handiwork.
Messages as reminders.
The stories of my life.

Living in the moment.
Our gift to each other.
Experiencing all life throws us.
Catching it,
holding it close.
Perfect in its imperfection.

Here I am ready to leave
In an ordinary moment
On an ordinary day
Creating something uniquely extraordinary.

I feel a calm
A sense of inevitability
I am prepared
I won’t be happy to be leaving you
Yet I know it is time.
You will all have my heart within you
It will sing alongside you with every breath you take,
as you go about making today count.

-Marica Sevelj

Be ready to leave in an ordinary moment on an ordinary day creating something uniquely extraordinary.

Leave a part of you behind.

A signed copy of Life is a Verb is winging its way, appropriately, to the World Headquarters of the Verb, Wellington, New Zealand, for Marica.

If you'd like to answer the question, "What would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?", send your answer via email with a photo and your mailing address. Those posted before the official publication date of Life is a Verb (Sept 2--OH MY LORD THAT IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY!) will receive a signed copy of the book!

I've decided to continue this process for 37 weeks, so one entry will be chosen to receive a signed book each Monday for 37 weeks after the book makes its official appearance in the world, so keep sending them in! Your answer can take any form you'd like...


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That's fabulous - what great writing and a way of living!


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