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25 September 2008

Barriers, bridges, and books

Disability Chapter Four in Life is a Verb is about being generous. Not in terms of money, but in terms of opening the space for others to be who they are, about reaching out to them, about providing them the same level of specificity as you provide yourself. About allowing for their deeply textured humanity rather than seeing them as a "what" or a "category."

Terri Abrams, in her "Barries, bridges, and books" blog, lives the practice of "being generous" every day in her advocacy for the nation's largest minority--people with disabilities.

And so it was from that vantage point that Terri reviewed Life is a Verb, and then interviewed me about the book. I was fascinated by her questions and hope you will visit...


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How fitting since the Wylde Woman award is about who shared generously. (more info on giving you one at the blog, Patti.)

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