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04 October 2008

Oh, Jodi. What an incredible welcome. I now know I need a boa.

Jodi More to come on the fantastic trip to Madison (can I move here?), but for the moment, the arrival.

Jodi Cohen, boa, sign. Perfection.Jodi_closer Jodi_and_patti


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How cool is that Jodi Cohen!

That's Madison airport! *sniff, sniff* My daughter is a boa girl, too. In fact, she turns everyone she meets into a boa girl--quite literally--check out our realtor.

Yes, I always said that if I ever moved back to WI, it would be to Madison.

Great advertizement for your wonderful book.

I liked meeting Jodi! Jodi is good energy.

And I liked meeting you! A wonderful reading, it was. And yes, I came early just to get a chance to chat with you - jackpot!

In this post I show how my appreciation for your book!:)

I've taken photos for Skirt Magazine before... didn't realize they had a publishing division; good thing!


love it.... love it.....wonderfulness..... spread the love.....

I got a boa

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