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05 November 2008

Yes. We. Can.

Obama "This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is the opportunity to make that change." - President-Elect Barack Obama, November 4, 2008.

He will need our help.

of us, not just Democrats, not just African Americans, not just youth, but all of us.

Hope cannot be bipartisan. Government cannot be theirs to run, it is ours to run.

Let us continue our gestures of belief.


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Yes, WE CAN And YES WE DID!!!!

I am over joyed and words cannot say what this means to me happening in my lifetime or for our country as a whole.

I pray that Americans will come together as one whole cloth and work together to make this a better and even more wonderful country we can all be part of equally and proudly.

Hope feels so good. Let's do a variation on your "Stand by Me" post from the other day and call it "Stand by Us". We can do it!
(OK, maybe "Stand by Each Other" is better, but I am sure you catch my drift! I can't do much better right now. It is 7.30 in the morning for me here in Europe, and I have been up all night watching the election. :-))

Your election result is a massive and inspiring gesture of belief! From my corner of England, I share your hope.

i was too excited last night to get much sleep!
i am so busy thanking god i can hardly think about anything else--
GOD BLESS AMERICA! and the rest of the entire world as well!

Three cheers to Obama. Patti - i know you must be overwhelmed by his victory as you always stood up for inclusion and diversity.

Thank you so much for the boldness of your blog and being such a powerful stand. About 9 months ago I made a gesture of belief. At the time, it felt internally like a wish. Now I'm reminded again of the power of writing it down, and making it so. Sharing it here. It's called: If You Put Your Lips Together in the Shape of an O

I want to live for the sound of thunder
in the heart
the kind of sound that moves
into the belly and agitates the feet
and sends a stomping wave of passion
a leather, rubber, canvas carnival of clapping joyous feet
that run from sea to sea on the memory of water
and makes us remember what it felt like to be heard
to be loved, to be held, to be known
a force, a rhythm, a blink, a wink
a word
the kind of word that takes forever to say
because possibility is just that long

I know he gets out of bed
and wonders
and sometimes
(no often, he’s just like us, I remember)
thunders at god
and washes his face
and can’t find the sock that matches
and damn his watch just stopped
because it’s time for an idea that arrests the heart
it’s time for polar bear white
and French fry mobiles with Flinstone ingenuity
and it’s time to remember it was a creed
written into the founding documents
and before that when the vast infinite’s heart lit on fire
it was whispered, yes
and then it was whispered by slaves, yes we
and then it was whispered by all, yes we
we can heal this nation and repair this world

Put your lips together and kiss
Put your lips together and sing


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