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12 February 2009

This is community. This is relationship. This is an artistic barnraising.


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a barnraising is a beautiful thing.

What a wonderful collection this is. What a wonderful idea. Sure I'd love to be a part of your next book. Tell me how, when, where, what!

count me in on the next one.

Okay, you made me cry. The purpose of writing (IMHO), IS to connect to individual readers and in that connection to create the experience of the work. You, Patti, have accomplished that. LIAV is a shining example of the potential that exists in the word, to expand to fill the mind of the reader.

Thank You,


o.b.t.w. The video was a gentle reminder that I owe you a photo of LIAV on the banks of the Brazos River.

beautiful! inspiring.

Yes, I would like to contribute art for the next book. I listened to an interview by you about LIAV, and I believe you said, "One woman even crocheted something!" That was me! Haha, it is good to be distinctive. I read your book all the time to get happier. Thanks Patti.

Ps. Have you started guitar lessons yet?! Haha.


Thanks for creating the space for this to happen, Patti.

Absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks for the video.

I am SO contributing to the next book!! (38th Day, perhaps?) I feel the need to keep up with my new friend Rick, who really does dance in his car (Page 16). Of course if he volunteers to illustrate again, I'll do two.

And, thank you Patti.

Oh, what a lovely video montage. I'm just thrilled to have been a part of the "barn raising." Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Yes lovely. And YES Patti Digh -- I would contribute art for your next book.


Patti, I loved the barn-raising and it's one of my most favorite things about your book and I love your video and I loved eating comfort food at your house once. I guess, given that life is about as short as the single exhale of a buffalo, your barn is a sort of monument to how easy it is to build community when you reach out for it with an open heart.

Go ahead and kick ass in New York, best, Jay


Oh what a heartwarming thing you share with us here, Patti :). It is so beautiful!!! And amazing!!! Glad to be a little part of it and yes, do count me in for your next book :D. YAY for LIAV!!!

Beautiful. Simply. Beautiful.

sign me up!

I love your LIAV video story. I am so pleased that I played a part in this "artistic barnraising", and look forward to participating in the next.

Thank you for sharing the process with us. It's an honor and privilege to be a part of it.

Thank you Patti, just what i needed today on Heart Day! Count me in!

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