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17 April 2009

16 days to go.

Pig16 Only 16 days left on this 37days challenge? How is that possible?

I hope these days have shown you something about yourself that you couldn't have otherwise known unless you made a promise to yourself and kept it. Or broke it.

We cannot look outside ourselves for the answer.

I've learned a lot. A whole lot. I haven't processed all the learning, but here is some of it:

1. I suck at consistency.
2. I would rather disappoint myself than disappoint you.
3. It is hard for me to ask for help.
4. I am evidently addicted to adrenalin.
5. I am quite effective at sabotaging my own success.
6. I justify.
7. I keep myself from doing the best I could.
8. I am as afraid of success as I am of failure.
9. I should probably reverse the order of #6 and #7.
10. I deflect myself from the most powerful work I could do.
11. I would finish this list but I'm a world class procrastinator.

There is more. There is more.

The following wonderful humans have been blogging their progress on goals from decluttering for 30 minutes a day to walking every day to sharing a big hidden revelation they've had about themselves--and beyond. I hope you will visit and encourage them.




Deb G.






Michelle and also here





If I've left you off that list, my apologies. Please let me know.

Sixteen days to go. Just sixteen. This is how life goes by. Quickly.

[Imagine my surprise at finding this picture of the number sixteen with a flying pig. I'll run/walk the Flying Pig half-marathon in Cincinnati with 13 women from 9 states in JUST SIXTEEN DAYS! Training would have been a good idea, but see #4, 5, 7, and 11]


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I just won your book from WOW! Women on Writing's Fall 2008 Personal Essay Contest sponsored by Skirt! and I love it! You can see my reflection on "Wear the Pink Glasses" on my blog. Thank you and you are a fantastic writer!-Loren

this is great patti- a chance to drop in on some other blogs i haven't read before. thanks!

I'm very good at all of the things on your list too! How awesome is that?!

Or, maybe not....

Anyway, thanks for the plug. I'm going to work my way down the list of Challengers and say hi!

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