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janet Smith

We are always told we aren't good enough to be more, do more, achieve exceptional status - it's no wonder there is a tendency to look outside ourselves, after all we are not enough. But we are enough - already - brilliant imperfections. When we honor that we know what to do and what to eat.


Beautiful painting by David! Sending good thoughts for good health to John and Tess,



Love David's painting! I find the abundance of nutrition advice out there as confounding as the too many choices on the grocery shelves. Listening to my body is foreign to me, but I am trying to. I had hot whole grain cereal and sliced banana with cinnamon for lunch in spite of the greens I thought I should consume. The greens will be there for dinner.
Healthy love to all of you!


You go girl! Have you tried almond milk on your kashi? It's a favorite of mine, and reduces your dairy. Good luck! Keep Calm, and Carry On.


I this this blog is great idea. I have noticed my late night snacking has gotten a little out of hand. Glad to know someone else is on the journey.


I hope you're able to be back here soon. It's so much easier (enjoyable, comforting...) to stay motivated with a "buddy."


More of this, please.


I want to put in a word for taking a good nutrition class, or working with a licensed nutritionist. Understanding exactly how food "works" with my body has helped me to make better decisions at the grocery store, and provides the motivation to stay on track without feeling at all deprived. Early results: losing 20 lbs., but even better benefits are the consistently better energy, mood, mental focus, skin clarity, etc. It's so great to put all of the talk in the media and govt. guidelines in perspective. With quality of aging at stake, it helps to know more about how what I eat now will affect my body, brain and health in the future. Real food and solid information - definitely a great investment in self care!

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