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August 09, 2009

Resources for Meeting Planners: Patti's Publications


Author, Creative is a Verb, Globe Pequot Press (coming in 2010).

Following up on her successful Life is a Verb, and in the tradition of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, Patti Digh here presents a book that leads readers by both heart and head to acknowledge, reinforce, and use their own creative abilities. Stories and exercises are enhanced by original artwork and an inviting design. Thirty-seven related essays are organized around six overarching themes that guide readers (whether actual “artists” or not) beyond the fear of creativity to embrace their inner artist. Among the themes: “Put down your clever” (no more trying to be smart), “See the pencil” (learning to really see again.), “Throw more pots” (focusing on the process, not the outcome), and “Close the door” (finding ten minutes a day
for oneself).

Author, Life is a Verb, Globe Pequot Press, 2008.

Author, “The Salute,” in Wisdom of Our Fathers by Tim Russert, Random House, 2006.

Co-author. The Global Diversity Desk Reference, John Wiley, 2003.

Co-author. Global Literacies: Lessons on Business Leadership and National Cultures, Simon & Schuster, 2000.

Founding Editor

MOSAICS Newsletter (Society for Human Resource Management), founder, editor and contributor, 1994-1997.  This award-winning effort is still in publication. 

Selected articles

"Redefine normal." Skirt, April 2007.

"Time to stop creating tame solutions for wicked problems." Asheville Citizen-Times, 3/1/07.

"Choose your seatmates wisely." Skirt, December 2006.

"Eat slowly and thank the chef." Skirt,  October 2006.

"Be Outraged by Your Own Racism." Asheville Citizen-Times, 3/24/05

"Why can’t we have White History Month?" Asheville Citizen-Times, 2/11/05.

"Let’s Never Get Complacent over Stereotypical Images of People." Asheville Citizen-Times, 1/10/05.

"The White Leg Syndrome." Executive Update, Oct. 2003.

"One Style Doesn’t Fit All." HRMagazine, November 2002.

"The Art of Making Decisions." Executive Update. December 2001.

"The Need for Better Diversity Metrics." Mosaics  (SHRM), November 2001.

"Diversity Goes Global." Mosaics (SHRM), November 2001.

"Developing Globally Literate Leaders." Training & Development, May 2001.

"Learning Matters: Reflective Decisiveness." Executive Update. Feb 2001.

"Culture, What Culture?" Association Management. February 2001.

"Diversity at Work." Executive Update, July 2000.

"White People are Diverse, Too." Association Management, June 2000.

"Misplaced Modifiers: Respectful Language Improves Accuracy." The Disability Messenger, President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, 1999.

"A Diversity Clearinghouse." Association Management. Nov. 1999.

"Getting People in the Pool: Diversity Recruitment that Works." HRMagazine, Oct 1999.

"In and Out of the Corporate Closet." Mosaics (SHRM), July/Aug 1999.

"Mentoring to Create a Diverse Pipeline for Talent." Mosaics (SHRM), March/April 1999.

"Developing a Diversity Statement." Association Management. February 1999.

"Doing the Right Thing Just Got Harder." Mosaics. (SHRM), Jan/Feb 1999.

"Religion in the Workplace: Make a Good-Faith Effort to Accommodate." HRMagazine, December 1998.

"Can’t Anyone Here Speak English?" Mosaics (SHRM), December 1998.

"The Next Challenge: Holding People Accountable for Diversity". HRMagazine, Oct 1998.

"Race Matters." Mosaics (SHRM), Sept/Oct 1998.The “I” in Ethics. Association Management. August 1998.

"America’s Largest Untapped Market." Fortune, March 1998.

"Well-managed Employee Networks Add Business Value." HRMagazine, 1997.

"Why Affinity Groups Matter." Association Management. August 1997.

"Shades of Gray in the Global Marketplace." HRMagazine. April 1997.

"75-plus Ideas to Get You Going Global". Association Management. October 1994.


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